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 This past July, a 16 week old black lab puppy was tortured and left for dead in a diaper box at a gas station. A man stopped to put air in his tire and saw the box and heard a whimper. He opened the box and to his horror found the puppy with PVC glue in his eyes, nose, ears and throat. His back legs had multiple fractures. The man took the puppy to the vet were he had to be euthanized due to his injuries . I can't fathom how someone could do this to a sweet, loving and innocent puppy. I cry when I think of what this puppy went through. He was probably wondering what he did wrong and why wont this evil person stop. Animals only want to be loved and they give so much love in return. The puppy in this story is named Buddy and in Mississippi we are trying to get a law passed to make it a felony for animal cruelty. I will fight forever if I have to. Buddy will always be in my heart and I will continue to help support my cause forever.


Watch this Video - Dog Tortured In Mississippi; Eyes, Ears Glued Shut; Please Sign Petition, "Buddy's Law"



The Moulder brothers pled guilty to NINE (9) felony counts today.
Animal torture- baked live pit x puppy in oven!

Anyone in the Atlanta area, please ATTEND the SENTENCING on FEB. 9 in Atlanta, GA, for the pit mix pup torture case. The Moulder brothers pled guilty to NINE (9) felony counts.

WRITE to the JUDGE, too!  Info on where to write can be found at the blog site below.
Please check out this blog.  Read the story in it's entirety, and see pictures of these evil punks!!

An Innocent Little Life

An Innocent Little Life
This puppy is very similar in size, age, and coloring to the puppy who was tortured and killed.

UPDATE 1-12-07



Puppy Duct-Taped, Set on Fire, Baked to Death


Please Help Get Justice for This Puppy!


According to the Atlanta, Georgia, District Attorney, in August 2006, Justin Moulder, 18, and Joshua Moulder, 17, brutalized, tortured and killed a 3-month old tan and white puppy:


“They tied her front paws together with duct tape, tied her rear paws together with duct tape, and then taped her front and hind legs together with tape. They wound tape so tightly around the puppy’s mouth and nose she could barely breathe.

That was only the beginning. The puppy, less than five months old, was immersed in white paint which the defendants tried to ignite with matches or a lighter. When that didn’t work, they removed two shelves from a commercial gas range, put the pup inside, turned on the gas and literally cooked this animal inside and out. The puppy’s body was so charred; the doctor who performed the necropsy could not determine her breed."


The alleged perpetrators of this crime are currently awaiting trial in Atlanta.  Meanwhile, the District Attorney prosecuting the case has requested that Georgia’s lax animal torture penalties be increased substantially.


Animal lovers in Georgia and from all over the country are lobbying to make that happen.  We have created a website with the latest news, information, and action updates on the case, including contact information for Georgia officials and a form letter that can be cut and pasted.  Please visit


and join us in working to honor the memory of this puppy.
















Justin and Joshua Moulder in court

 12/14/2006 8:26:08 AM

The fate of two teenage brothers accused of torturing and killing a puppy will be in the hands of a jury on Thursday morning.

Lawyers for Joshua and Justin Moulder presented no witnesses in the teenagers' defense.

After days of often gruesome evidence detailing a puppy baking in an oven, it was time for two teenagers to speak.

In voices so low they could hardly be heard, Justin and Joshua both said no to speaking on the witness stand.

Prosecutors say the teens are the ones who trashed the Englewood Manor community center. The teens are accused of dousing a 3-month-old puppy there, then placing the animal in an oven, and then bragging about it to neighborhood kids.

“They were proud of that,” said prosecutor Laura Janssen. “And they brought those kids inside -- they led those kids inside.”

Lawyers for the teens presented no witnesses of their own. Instead, they pointed at inconsistencies in the stories of four youngsters who testified for the prosecution. Defense attorneys insist the neighborhood kids who testified, in fact, harmed the puppy.

“The neighborhood kids who got into a situation, and the only way out of it was to blame someone else,” said defense attorney Timothy Owens.

The judge dismissed one of the 12 charges against the teens, citing a lack of evidence, due to a witness that did not testify. That still leaves 11 felony charges the jury will consider beginning Thursday morning.

If convicted on all counts, the teens face a maximum sentence of 85 years in jail each.


We need emails and letters to help us generate public outcry against Summit

We have become aware of various atrocities being committed on a routine
basis at the Summit County, Ohio Animal Shelter (the “Pound”). We hope you will expose this to the public as they have a right to know, and, by virtue of such exposure, generate enough of a public outcry to bring about change. We have videotapes, photographs, eye witness testimony from several current and former County employees and rescue members, and supporting written documentation, which substantiate the below allegations of various atrocities and violations of law routinely taking place at the Pound, all of which we will gladly make available to you. Certain of the eyewitnesses and former employees providing the testimony we are referring to are willing to talk as well, and we can give you their contact information.
Illegal Use of the Heartstick on Unsedated Animals
Ohio Revised Code 4729.532 (A)(3)

We have testimony from several former employees of the Pound that the
intracardial injection (aka the "heart stick”) is routinely used on
unsedated animals. We have been told that none of the dogs or cats killed
at the Pound are anesthetized or sedated before being given the heartstick. We are told that the "stick" is made "as close to the heart as possible." These very same employees told us that although they went through euthanasia training and certification, required by ORC 4729.531, which taught the use of a heart stick only on an anesthetized animal, such training was viewed as "a joke". They were instructed by the Pound management to go back to their old [illegal] ways of euthanizing. The intracardial (IC)/heart stick on an unsedated animal is considered in the veterinarian and euthanasia community to be a deplorable "technique" and entirely unacceptable and inhumane. This delivers a brutal and excruciatingly painful death to a dog, cat, kitten or

ORC 4729.532 states that the intracardial injection is to be used "…only on
a sedated or unconscious animal."
The reason for this is that the
heartstick delivers a torturous death. Secondly, it is extremely difficult
to accurately insert the tip of the needle on a squirming cat or dog. The
IC procedure should never be attempted on a conscious animal, in part
because there is a reasonable probability that the first insertion of the
needle will fail to place the tip of the needle correctly in to the left or
right ventricle, left or right atrium or thoracic aorta. Additional "jabs"
or attempts to locate the blood chamber only increases the pain to the
animal. Additionally, the needle often passes through the lung on its way
to the heart and a sheath of nerves between the ribs. This procedure on a
conscious cat or dog is not a humane act and impacts a great deal of
unnecessary suffering on its victims.

Testimony from former employees has revealed that needles used for
"euthanasia" are used, "over and over again", dulling them out and making the insertion even more painful. The needle gauge used for injection is the same size regardless of whether it is being used on a puppy or kitten, cat or large dog. Additional gruesome testimony by former employees discloses that technicians do not use conventionally approved methods, such as the use of a stethoscope, to determine death en a "euthanized" animal. "We wait until an animal stops twitching [determination of death] and then we throw it into the freezer." Pregnant mothers are also killed with the heartstick. This is especially inhumane since the fetuses do not die when the mother dies. Fetuses live long after the mother is dead and suffocate slowly in the womb.

Needless Mass Killings
Summit County Ordinance 505.09(a)(1) and ORC Section 959.13(A)(1).

On Saturday, August 23, 2003 at the close of business, there were 16 empty cages in the cattery, including one, which contained a bag of cat food. Monday morning, before the Pound opened at 10 a.m. for the public, Mr. Farrance, upon the order of Glenn James needlessly executed 57 cats (17 cats, 40 kittens), and 16 dogs (9 dogs, 7 puppies), including two beautiful older kittens, which arrived in the cattery Saturday morning, August 23, 2003. This mass killing was needless, and especially heinous because, a rescuer from Friends of Pets had informed James Farrance and Glenn James, both orally and in writing, that she would rescue four (4) mothers and their litters---a total of 36 cats and kittens, prior to their scheduled execution date (end of business on Monday-–these cats were all killed Monday morning before the start of business. The rescuer showed up as she said she would – first thing in the morning – and all the cats had been killed. This cruel heartless action not only killed animals needlessly, but it cost the county the $360 fee for 36 cats and kittens. This needless mass killing also included two cats (older kittens under 1 year), which arrived in the cattery Saturday morning. They were not kept the mandatory three (3) days as required by Summit County Ordinance 505.51(b). On 26 August 2003, the day after the mass killing, based on eyewitness testimony, there were 20 empty cages at the close of business, yet on the morning of 27 August 2003,
according to records; five (5) cats were needlessly killed.

On 20 August 2003, Glenn James wrote a disciplinary reprimand to members of his staff for violating his euthanasia policy. In an attempt to save lives of cats and kittens, and in light of all the empty cages, staff members were holding some animals longer than the requisite three (3) days. Based upon testimony of current employees, this infuriated Mr. James and in retaliation for their disobedience, he ordered all of the cats present in the cattery that day to be killed. This mass killing included cats Linda Gilliland, a frequent rescuer and co-founder of Friends of Pets had indicated that she would rescue. It has been told to us that Mr. James knew that certain cats in the 20 August massacre were to be rescued by Mrs. Gilliland; however, Mr. James didn't care, he refused to allow her to be called. We were told by Pound employees that he wanted to teach the staff a lesson.

These are two of many documented examples. Based upon Pound policies, kenneled cats, dogs, kittens and puppies are routinely killed although there is available cage space for them.

Conduct Unbecoming of a County Director

Testimony and supporting documentation has been given to us that alleges
that the Pound director while in his office on county time often engaged in
racially offensive behavior. We have supporting physical evidence to
substantiate this.


We also have evidence of several additional violations including,
but not limited to:

*Cruel and illegal routine denial of food and water to impounded cats and
kittens in violation of the state of Ohio and Summit County animal cruelty
laws in violation of Summit Co. Ordinance Section 505.09(a)(1) and ORC
*Allowing badly injured cats and dogs to suffer for days without veterinary
care or treatment in violation of state cruelty laws and Summit County
Ordinance 505.09(a)(1)(b).
*Denial of exercise and fresh air to impounded dogs and cats in violation of
Summit County Ordinance Section 505.09(a).
*Falsification of public records in violation of state, county and federal
*Denial of public access to public records when requested in violation of
the Ohio Public Records Act.
*Illegal conversion of public funds/property for personal use.


***Contact information for Summit County Officials is as follows:***

Summit Co. Executive, James McCarthy, 330-643-2510. email:
jmccarthy at

Summit Co. Law Dir., Karen Doty, 330-643-8052. email:
kdoty at

Summit Co. Communications Dir., Jill Hinig Skapin, 330-643-2609. email:
jskapin at

Summit Co. Prosecutor, Sherri Bevan Walsh, 330-643-2788. email:
canterbury at


Subject: Atlanta, GA. - Court Date - "Puppy bound, set on fire, baked to death in oven" (#9605)

Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 4:00 PM
Court Date - "Puppy bound, set on fire, baked to death in oven", Atlanta, GA (#9605)

The Moulder brothers were in court this morning for a motions hearing, during which time the cruelty to children charges were dropped on a technicality.  The brothers are now headed back to court for re-indictment. 
A court date has been scheduled for Dec 5.


Alison L. Gianotto
1-888-523-PETS ext. 100

From time to time we hear of horrific stories where animal abuse has taken place.  Some stories worse then others as is the case that has taken place in Canada. 
Please take a moment to sign this petition



A trail of blood led police to two suspects who allegedly beat a family dog and dragged the animal behind a vehicle in Didsbury.   The dog's injuries were so severe, a veterinarian called to the scene had to euthanize the animal on the spot.

"This was definitely, in my 10 years of policing, the most horrendous act I've seen against an animal," said Cpl. Kevin Fischer of the RCMP in Didsbury, 90 kilometres north of Calgary.

A couple found the female Collie-Lab cross lying in the street near Ross Ford Elementary School in the northwest corner of town early Sunday.  Their frantic phone call woke Dr. Andy Mencarelli, a veterinarian at the Krebs clinic in Didsbury, who went to the scene.

The dog's legs were bound together with duct tape and there was a tow rope around its neck.

Its head was wrapped in a bag.  "There was blood everywhere," said Mencarelli.  The dog was able to lift its head, but in too much shock to make any sound, he said.

When Mencarelli lifted the dog to the back of his truck to euthanize it, the true extent of the animal's injuries became apparent.   "This dog was just broken," he said, adding its neck, pelvis, back and skull were fractured.

Investigators believe the six-or seven-year-old dog endured a beating prior to being tied up and hitched to a vehicle.

"Indications are the dog was dragged behind a vehicle," Fischer said.

The dog had no tags, tattoos or obvious identification, but police officers followed a trail of blood to a local home.

Police have laid charges against two teenagers, but Fischer said Wednesday they are no closer to learning a motive for the crime.

"There is nothing, at this point," he said.

Daniel Charles Haskett, 19, of Didsbury has been charged under the Criminal Code with injuring/endangering an animal and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. He is also charged with obstructing police.

A 17-year-old male, whose identity is protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is charged with injuring/endangering an animal and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

For adult offenders, each of the animal cruelty charges has a maximum penalty of a $2,000 fine or six months in jail -- or both.

The case is also being investigated by the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

A conviction under the province's Animal Protection Act can carry a maximum penalty of a $20,000 fine and a lifetime ban from owning animals, but an official said no further charges are being contemplated.

"We have been notified of it and are having some follow up involvement,"

said Morris Airey, the Alberta SPCA's director of enforcement.

The two suspects are scheduled to appear in Didsbury provincial court on Nov. 6 I would like to start a petition to show politicians' and mayor Calgary ,that others have heard this story and would like to see something done to these two offenders,more than just a fine or 6 months in jail.


The two boys should be made an example of, that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated.

Lets speak for those who can't speak for themselves, and lets speak for this poor dog who was absolutely defenseless.



Urge Judge to Sentence Torturer to the Maximum!

A Salt Lake City man who plead guilty to one of two counts of animal cruelty will be sentenced on November 6.

Marc Vincent, 36, reportedly tortured his wife’s dog, Henry, last summer after the couple argued. Vincent chased the dog with a leaf blower and then put him in an oven set at 200 degrees. According to court records, Vincent took the dog out of the oven once and then put him back in, for a total of about five minutes. Because of the attack, Henry lost an eye, his front nails fused together and he will never be able to walk normally again. Vincent’s wife has filed for divorce.

The Humane Society of Utah is calling the crime "one of the worst" cases of abuse they’ve ever seen. But because Utah is one of the few states without any felony animal cruelty provision, the charges were only misdemeanors. A proposed bill during the next legislative session would address torturous abuse such as this and require that the convicted person receive psychological counseling, among other things.

This is a textbook case demonstrating the link between animal abuse and spousal abuse. While Vincent’s egregious actions caused severe pain, terror and irreparable harm to Henry, his wife was the intended victim since the attack was actually a cowardly way to hurt his wife.

ALDF has written to the judge on the case with sentencing recommendations and information on the strong connection to human violence. To urge Judge Barrett to sentence Vincent to the full extent of the law, including maximum jail time, mandatory psychiatric evaluation and treatment, fines, restitution and an order prohibiting him from having any contact with any animals during probation, please write a polite letter to:

The Honorable Judge William W. Barrett
3rd District Court
Matheson Courthouse
450 S. State Street
P.O. Box 1860
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1860

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Animal Legal Defense Fund

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