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About - Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary
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St. Francis Animal Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located in Erie County, Ohio.  We have 30 acres of quiet and peaceful natural beauty.  The work we do here is for the love of the animals.  That is why we take the sickest of the sick and the oldest of the old and give them a home for the time they have left on this earth.  The animals we take in are the ones no one else would have because of age or illness.  We take them into our home and we take them into our hearts.  No matter what abuse or neglect they came from, they will know the touch of a human hand is not always rough.  They will know what it feels like to be loved.  The monthly cost of medical care, food and supplies for the animals  is about $2,000.00 a month.  If you have it in your heart to help and would like to make a donation please see the link below.
If you are interested in joining the Animal's Disaster Team - Lorain County Chapter of the American Red Cross please contact me for additional information regarding membership and meeting times.

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Tumble Weed

Chihuahua's showing off.


Lamb Chop - senior found as a stray in Lorain
This is a lover girl !!

Puglet - ( Butter Bean ) rescued from the pound
Has been to every drive in movie for the last 3 years

LINK TO : Please visit Petfinder and see how many animals are waiting to be adopted. Young and old - large and small - they need your love. Click here and go to Petfinder.org Your new best friend is waiting.

PayPal  -  We are a small rescue operated out of our home. Most of our animals are elderly or ill. We purchase insulin, phenabarb, antibiotics and arthritis medication monthly.  Added to this expense heart worm medication, spay / neuter and  dentals. Various operations  are done from tumor removal to surgical repair of eye lids on a St. Bernrd. The money is also needed for x-rays for fractures and lab work to treat heart worm positive dogs. A small donation goes a long way, please donate today. We are 501 (c) 3 NON PROFIT AND YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE